Filmed Through My Perspective: Living in Burgos, Spain

Filmed Through My Perspective: Living in Burgos, Spain

From September of 2014 to June of 2015, I lived and taught in Burgos, Spain. I was randomly placed in Burgos through the Auxiliares de Conversación Program. Equipped with my high school Spanish and no clue what I was in store for, I decided Burgos was going to be my new home and embarked on my first journey of living abroad.

I originally made this video for my parents and sister to thank them for their continuous support of my adventures. This will explain the awkward introduction of me~featuring my glasses~that I thought only they would ever see and the not-so-superb quality of video. It starts in April of 2015 and ends my last day in Spain before leaving to go home for the summer.

This video features some of my favorite parts of Burgos (the Cathedral, Evolution Museum, overview from the Castillo, views from my apartment), my students (private lessons, last classes at school, their graduation), some trips (Amsterdam and Madrid) and my friends in Burgos that became my second family.

Although I only ever intended to show this to my parents and sister, this video is now for anyone who has ever lived abroad, anyone who has ever been curious about living abroad, and for anyone that loves this city as much as I grew to.

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